19 November 2011

ATI v. NASA: Settled?

Filings in the ATI lawsuit against NASA appear to indicate that the substantive issues have been settled:


NASA has apparently turned over 227 partially redacted pages of information in response to the original FOIA request. This likely provides the source for an article by Chris Horner in Pajamas Media, repeating many of the same misleading contentions as highlighted in the lawsuit. Curiously, nether Horner nor ATI have provided access to the actual released documents (as of today at least), it is therefore unclear how many of Horner's allegations are valid, or like his claim that Hansen was never 'muzzled' (original story NYT, confirmation by the NASA OIG) , made up of the whole cloth.

A sign that the allegations are unlikely to be sustained is that Horner assumes that all of Hansen's travel for any outside activity must have been paid for by someone else but wasn't reported. The idea that Hansen may have traveled somewhere on his own dime is not considered. A fair assessment of these documents will require a somewhat more independent investigator.

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