23 November 2011

UEA FOI disclosure log

As the potentially biggest target of climate science-related UK FOI requests, the University of East Anglia has had to become somewhat more organized about this than they historically had been. To that end, they have created a very useful repository of all their FOI requests, their status and the disposition of the records (if any) delivered.

Curiously, there is no request anywhere for the entirety of their backup mail server from 1993 to Nov 13 2009, whose release on the internet, despite some appearances, has nothing to do with FOI at all...

1 comment:

  1. Nor are the emails released their entire backup server from 1993 to Nov, 13 2009. Rather they are a select group of emails on a select subject, especially the unencrypted ones.
    Further, FOIA requests are not done on broad areas of times, that is to broad for the laws. Instead they are done on select subjects, limited times, and often limited persons, without all three criteria it is usually considered to broad to meet the law.